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CustomID® puts site-specific guidance for management of infectious diseases at the point of care where it is needed.

CustomID® was developed by physicians and pharmacists at Duke University Medical Center. Thousands of clinicians have used CustomID®. With this success CustomID® is now licensed and offered to other healthcare systems. For more information, contact Custom Clinical Decision Support, Inc (CCDS).

Why site-specific?

  1. There is global recognition of the need to preserve effective antimicrobial therapy.
  2. Every location has different pathogen sensitivities to antimicrobials, different drugs available for prescribing, and different policies. Most have different dosing advice.

This site-specific product is designed for:

  1. Efficiency of editing
  2. Efficiency of user navigation and information retrieval
  3. Medication management that results in patient safety and dollar savings
  4. Assistance to meet regulatory and accreditation mandates
  5. Support for performance metrics

CustomID® can display your site-specific brand.

CustomID® provides help where resources are limited.

CustomID® is the first decision support tool available for antimicrobial stewardship with a “hub & spokes” model where the central authority, for example, the anchor hospital of a healthcare network, can send new content to affiliates where resources may be limited.

To learn more, visit the company website for CCDS, Inc.